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Before you begin...

WGASC/ADLA is excited to partner with CompetitionSuite to manage our events and registration beginning with the 2022 season! With the change in software providers, the registration process has changed significantly from years past. It's important that you take the time to read through these instructions prior to completing your registration. If at any time you have questions, please let us know!

Step 1: Download the Registration Instructions & Watch the Registration Instructions Video

To help aid you in the registration process, we've created this instructions document which walks you step by step through the registration process! Make sure to download it and have a copy handy to answer any questions you may have. We've also created a walkthrough video that will give you helpful tips and tricks, as well as show you how to navigate the full registration process.

Download Registration Instructions

Step 2: Read the Participating Group Master Agreement

As part of registering your group, you must read, acknowledge and agree to the WGASC/ADLA Participating Group Master Agreement. This document includes important policies and information governing your participation with the circuit. If you have questions about this document, please let us know

Download WGASC/ADLA Participating Group Master Agreement

Step 3: Select Your Classification

We've created a quick reference sheet for you to use in selecting your classification for the 2022 season. Click Here to Download the Classification Descriptors Sheet. Take a look at the descriptors and select the classification most appropriate for your group. Classifications may have changed from previous seasons, so it's important that you know which class you are signing up for!

Download Classifications Descriptor Sheet

Step 4: Get Started!

You're ready to proceed with registering your group! To begin, click the link below! If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to us for assistance.

Click Here to Begin Registration